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/ May 20, 2023

Great presets and sound packs. I got all the freebie presets and sound packs, and they're awesome! I wasn't ever able to make good music until I got these!

Raghavendra BM
/ Feb 24, 2021

The sound quality of the Samples are just amazing, and that too at a affordable price.

/ Jul 3, 2021

My current favorites are Roses & Kygo edition. Nothing sounds quite as usable!

Aceducer Music
/ Updated Jul 6, 2021

I have downloaded near to all of there sample packs and I can't complain about any one of those. They all are high quality and offer a huge variety of sounds. (...) Keep up the good work Stickz

Kakali Sen
/ Jul 4, 2021

I downloaded a free vocal sample pack cause I couldn't find any vocal anywhere else. Then I realised I did the right thing as they were just awesome and crisp; exactly what I was looking for.

Paras Dubey
/ Mar 1, 2022

Great quality even in free ones

Abhishek Singh
/ Dec 26, 2022

Thanks Stickz for providing us excellent and free sample packs, It really helps alot.

/ June 17, 2023

High quality presets! I really like everything in the Future Bass Kit. It has very nice Drums, Percs (which I have found out to be not to easy to get in the past) , and hats! I will most certainly use these presets in more than just Future Bass! They can fix a wide variety of genre's!

S johansn
/ Jul 4, 2021

I've been following stickz since my early stages of producing, I love the fact that they have unique samples from other packs and they sounds good at the same time , they been releasing packs which are inspired from the sounds of famous producers and they are quite good ,That's it! I love your packs. Looking forward for more in the future:))))))) - Nikxo

napped music
/ Nov 2, 2022

It’s a very good presets pack. Clear instructions and easy to download. Love it so much.

Sayantan Bose
/ Mar 12, 2022

The quality of the sound packs are exquisite, they never fail to impress!

/ Jul 8, 2021

Amazing high-quality samples. I've purchased multiple packs from Stickz in the past and have received high-quality samples! I have packs I've purchased years ago that have samples I still use in all my songs to this day. Even their free packs are amazing too! Top-quality company, highly recommend!

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