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Sounds that make your track spotless.

If Martin Garrix is known for one thing – it's his beautiful melodies. These incredible melodies are always played through powerful and often unique sounds. It doesn't matter if you hear a pluck as a drop synth in 'Animals' or chopped up vocals as your main lead in 'Forbidden Voices'. Martin is simply not afraid to be innovative, which makes him a dangerous player when it comes to creating not only sounds that are new and different but also provide the power to drive an entire production home. With these Serum presets, we perfectly captured these energetic sounds that Martin Garrix is known for – so that you can utilize them in your own tracks and step up your production game!

Version 1.286+
VOX - So Far Away
PAD - Shadows
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CHORDS - Light A Match
CHORDS - Believer
LEAD - Like I Do
LEAD - Virus
BASS - Petabyte
BASS - Half Past Two
PLUCK - No Sleep
PLUCK - Slow Down
SYNTH - Siren
SYNTH - Keep Us Apart
All audio demos are raw 128kbps MP3 renders, and have not been processed or enhanced in any way.

Sample Pack

Drums that break through the silence.

Martin Garrix does not only know how to create sounds that fit his melodies – but he also creates the perfect drums to go along with his synths. With that being said – even though he takes a more creative approach to his drums, they never fail to deliver power. If you listen to any of his productions, you'll notice that his drums break through the mix with ease. With this sample pack, we give you precisely those types of drums that will help you stand out and add more punch to your mixes.

Samples & Loops
Kick 03 F
Kick 09 F#
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Snare 01
Snare 03 C#
Drum Loop 01 105BPM
Drum Loop 04 140BPM
Clap 10
Big Snare 02
Fill 01 105BPM
Fill 02 128BPM
Percussion 09 F#
Percussion 12 G
All audio demos are raw 128kbps MP3 renders, and have not been processed or enhanced in any way.

Project Files

Take a deep dive into the mix.

Having access to Martin Garrix inspired samples, and presets already gives you a huge advantage. However, having access to project files inspired by his songs is going to take reverse-engineering to a whole new level. We have crafted six project files inspired by his biggest hits to allow you to dive into the project files and learn how some of your favorite Martin Garrix tracks were created.

Project Files
FL Studio
Version 20
Ableton Live
Version 10
Logic Pro X
Version 10.4


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