Analog inspired Serum presets & wavetables.

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The LEGACY soundbank box artwork


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Serum Presets

Modern tools. Analog sound.

Two Xfer Serum instances with LEGACY Serum presets loaded up

120 Presets in total.

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in full

A close-up view of Xfer Serum's macros section, showing four macro parameters labeled JUNO CHORUS 2, ACID FUZZ, NOISE CRACKLE, and FADE AWAY


Analog textures and one-shots.

A close-up view of two different Xfer Serum noise oscillators, showing noise files labeled (R) Juno-6, and DX7 Keys 03


Hear the
presets in 

PLUCK - Juno Guitar
SYNTH - Lunar
KEYS - Juno Celesta
KEYS - Electric Xa
LEAD - Cranium
LEAD - DX-Menace
BASS - Phantom Liberty
BASS - Mapple Street
PAD - 4 Her
PAD - Analog Goodness
PIANO - M1 Acoustic
PIANO - Mark I Gentle
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All audio demos are 128kbps MP3 renders and have not been processed or enhanced.


Analog sonics
from the source.

A close-up view of two waveforms inside Serum's oscillators, labeled ARP ODYSSEY SAW and MINIMOOG

65 Wavetables in total.

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From ordinary
to legendary.

  • Access Virus TI
  • Alesis Andromeda A6
  • Arturia MicroFreak
  • Arturia MiniBrute
  • Casio CZ-1
  • Ensoniq SQ-80
  • Korg ARP 2600
  • Korg ARP Odyssey
  • Korg MonoPoly
  • Korg MS-20
  • Korg Prologue
  • Moog Little Phatty
  • Moog Minimoog
  • Moog Minimoog Voyager
  • Moog Sub Phatty
  • Moog Subsequent 37
  • Novation Bass Station II
  • Oberheim Matrix-6
  • Oberheim OB-8
  • Oberheim OB-Xa
  • Roland D-50
  • Roland JD-800
  • Roland Juno-6
  • Roland Juno-106
  • Roland Jupiter-8
  • Roland JX-3P
  • Roland SE-02
  • Roland SH-101
  • Roland TB-303
  • Sequential OB-6
  • Sequential Prophet 5
  • Sequential Prophet 6
  • Sequential Prophet REV2
  • Yamaha CS-80
  • Yamaha DX7

Analog source

Sampled straight from real hardware.

Advanced Wavetables

More precise.
More analog.

A close-up view of Xfer Serum's oscillator, showing a LEGACY advanced wavetable labeled (N) Bass Station 2 - Pulse

Demo Video

EDM, Pop,
and beyond.

(R) Jupiter-8
(S) Prophet REV2
(Acs) Virus TI
(O) OB-Xa
(M) Minimoog Voyager
(M) Sub Phatty
(E) SQ-80
(Y) DX7
(N) Bass Station II - Pulse
(E) SQ-80 - Sine
(K) MS-20 - Triangle
(M) Subsequent 37 - Saw
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All audio demos are 128kbps MP3 renders and have not been processed or enhanced.

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