Kygo Edition

Next Level Tropical Sounds.



These sounds stole the show.

Be prepared to get your hands on seemingly the cleanest and richest Serum presets you'll ever find. With Kygo's incredible sound design taken as inspiration—this soundbank is a must-have for anyone that produces Tropical House, Deep House, or any other House genre. You'll find tons of inspiration with these clean plucks, powerful basses, uplifting pads, strong leads, and more. Organic instruments are one of many secrets behind Kygo's hits. Thanks to some next-level sound design techniques, we turned Serum into a multi-sample instrument—meaning the flute, piano, and guitar presets have never sounded this natural and precise. If you want to produce chart hits like Kygo, you'll need chart-ready sounds like these.

Version 1.322+
BASS - Analog Tables
BASS - Crazy
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FLUTE - The Show
GUITAR - Melancholy
LEAD - Beautiful
LEAD - Love Me
PAD - Hurt Nobody
PAD - Nostalgia
PIANO - It Pours
PIANO - Mistake
PLUCK - I'll Wait
SYNTH - Heaven Bells
All audio demos are raw 128kbps MP3 renders, and have not been processed or enhanced in any way.

Sample Pack

Drums that take you to cloud nine.

Soft yet punchy kicks, classic house snares, organic claps, incredible percussion loops, shakers, and tambourines are just a few drum elements that make Kygo's sound so unique. That's why we crafted a sample pack tailored to these specific kinds of sounds—and we nailed it! These are some of our cleanest kicks, snares, claps, and cymbals ever, and the drum loops are highly usable in tons of different mixes. On top of that, we even created our own original guitar and piano loops in the style of Kygo. These are guaranteed to inspire new ideas instantly—and since they are original and royalty-free, you won't have to swap them out later if you build a track around them.

Samples & Loops
Kick 06 - D#
Kick 25 - G#
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Clap 18
Snap 05
Guitar Loop 06 - 110BPM F#min
Piano Loop 03 - 105BPM Fmaj
Snare 08 - D#
Snare Acoustic 05 - A#
Cymbal Loop 03 - 103BPM
Shaker Loop 09 - 120BPM
Tambourine 08
Tom 03 - F#
All audio demos are raw 128kbps MP3 renders, and have not been processed or enhanced in any way.

Project Files

Dive deep into the mix.

Having access to Kygo inspired samples, and presets already gives you a huge advantage. However, having access to project files inspired by his songs will take reverse-engineering to a whole new level. We remade six tracks from Kygo's earlier album 'Cloud Nine,' some more recent tracks from 'Golden Hour,' and even some in-between. Creating these project files allows you to dive into the mix, explore, and learn how some of your favorite Kygo tracks were crafted.

Project Files
FL Studio
Version 20
Ableton Live
Version 11
Logic Pro X
Version 10.6


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