EDM Starter Pack

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Sample Pack

Only the best of the best.

Everyone has good samples. However, only 250 producers will have access to this high-quality sample pack. It comes with everything from top-notch drums to workflow boosting drum loops, inspiring instrument loops, hit-ready synth loops, and even a massive collection of synth one-shots, and more. In addition, we made sure this pack is highly versatile, so it's suitable for all sorts of EDM genres like Trap, Future Bass, Future Bounce, House, and so many more.

Samples & Loops
Punchy Kick 05 - F
Stomp Kick 02 - D
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Top Drum Loop 03 - 128BPM
Guitar Loop 09 - 160BPM (Cmin)
Future Snare 02 - D#
Synth Shot 017 - C
Break Loop 14 - 135BPM (Bmaj)
Lead Loop 10 - 128BPM (Fmin)
Piano Loop 02 - 100BPM (A#min)
Full Drum Loop 01 - 100BPM
Fill 01 - 128BPM (E)
Chord Loop 04 - 128BPM (Gmin)
All audio demos are raw 128kbps MP3 renders, and have not been processed or enhanced in any way.

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EDM Starter Pack

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190 Drum One-Shots & Loops
100 FX & MIDI Files
30 Instrument Loops
200 Synth One-Shots & Loops

This pack was part of an exclusive launch, meaning we only sold 250 copies. As of Dec 8th, 2020, this pack is not available anymore since all 250 copies are gone.