Copyright License & Agreement

Last Updated: October 25, 2022

1. License & Agreement Information

The following copyright agreement, license, and terms ("COPYRIGHT TERMS") apply to all products ("PRODUCTS"), both premium and free products, offered on our website ("").

All products bound by these copyright terms contain a copy of this license and agreement in the form of a PDF file inside the product download folder.

By accessing, purchasing, downloading, or using our products, you agree that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound to the following copyright terms.

If you are not eligible, do not agree to the following copyright terms, or did not purchase or download our products through our website, you do not have our permission to use our products for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Please note that the "In plain English" parts are not part of this legal document nor legally binding. Their inclusion is solely to provide convenience.

In plain English:
If you download or buy packs from our website, you're agreeing to our copyright rules. If you didn't get a product from our site or don't agree, you can't use our packs. Also, these "in plain English" bits are here for convenience. They are not legally binding.

2. Product Content Definitions

For various licensing purposes and restrictions, we categorize the contents of our products into the following three categories: "PRESETS", "SAMPLES", and "PROJECT FILES".

The term "PRESETS" refers to sound extensions created explicitly for software synth instruments such as Serum, Sylenth1, and others. Their file types include but are not limited to ".FXP" and ".FXB".

The term "SAMPLES" refers to short audio clips or audio loops playing back sounds such as drum one-shots, synth one-shots, drum loops, synth loops, MIDI files, and more. Their file types include but are not limited to ".WAV", ".MP3", and ".MID".

The term "PROJECT FILES" refers to our Digital Audio Workstation sessions. Their file types include but are not limited to ".FLP", ".ALS", & ".LOGICX".

Within our products, we separate these three categories into different folders. Meaning you will typically find the "PRESETS" content in a folder named "Presets" or "Soundbank", the "SAMPLES" content in a folder named "Sample Pack", and the "PROJECT FILES" content in a folder named "Project Files".

In plain English:
We offer three types of content in our packs. PRESETS, SAMPLES, and PROJECT FILES. Since they are licensed differently, we organize them into separate folders for you.

3. Terms of use (100% Royalty-Free License).


The "PRESETS" and "SAMPLES" in our products are licensed to you, not sold to you. All rights not expressly granted to the user are reserved. On the other hand, "PROJECT FILES" are neither licensed to you nor sold to you, and are entirely excluded from our 100% royalty-free license, and can not be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes.


Only the original buyer of our product has a legal right to use the contained "PRESETS" and "SAMPLES" within their own "original" music compositions and/or in advertisements, soundtracks, and television or film productions. Thus, the content can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. However, it may not be used to create any competitive product, such as a Sample Pack, Sample CD, Sample DVD, Virtual Instrument, Expansion Pack, or any other collection of sound or loop elements in any format.


The "PRESETS" and "SAMPLES" can not be used "isolated". Instead, they must be used within the context of a musical piece mixed with additional parts.


The "PROJECT FILES" within our products are solely meant for educational purposes. Meaning they are entirely excluded from our 100% royalty-free license and can not be used for commercial or even non-commercial purposes. The "PROJECT FILES" contain musical content, such as chords and melodies that belong to Stickz. In the case of our "Artist Edition" products, the "PROJECT FILES" contain musical content that belongs to the original artist the pack is inspired by and/or their record label.


While all "PROJECT FILES" are excluded from our royalty-free license, the "SAMPLES" and "PRESETS" used within the "PROJECT FILES" remain 100% royalty-free.


You may not re-sell our products or pass them on to a third party, as this license is non-transferable.


All "PRESETS" and "SAMPLES" contained in our products are expressed as "royalty-free" – meaning you can use the samples and presets in a compilation, sell that compilation and not have to pay any royalties or recurring fees to Stickz.


All copying, lending, duplicating, re-selling, renting, uploading, file sharing, or unauthorized trading of our content (or any part of our content) is strictly prohibited by international copyright law.

In plain English:
You can use our PRESETS and SAMPLES in your music without paying us royalties (royalty-free), but they must be part of a composition and can't be sold as standalone sounds or part of a sound pack. PROJECT FILES are just for learning and can't be used in your own projects (not royalty-free). Don't share or sell our packs. The license is just for you.

4. Credits and use of the Likeness of Others

If you use any of our products in your original work, you may not use our likeness ("Stickz") as a featured artist, composer, producer, or any other form of collaborator.

Without our permission, any use of our likeness is strictly prohibited. This includes the use of our royalty-free vocals that some products contain. If these vocals are used in your original work, you are strictly prohibited from using our likeness or the likeness of the original vocal artist that provided the vocal samples to us.

In plain English:
If you use our sounds in your music, don't claim we (Stickz) or our vocal artists collaborated with you. Don't use our name or likeness.

5. Refunds

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the majority of our premium products. However, once we successfully refund products, you entirely lose access to our royalty-free license and are not allowed to use the returned products for any commercial or non-commercial purposes.

In plain English:
We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. But once refunded, you can't use the product anymore. Neither commercially nor non-commercially.

6. Contact us

For any additional questions or concerns regarding our copyright terms, please get in touch with us via email below.