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Future Bounce is one of those genres that heavily relies on massive anthemic synths to destroy the dance floors. Creating synths with such an impact is usually a difficult task. However, with this soundbank, it is as easy as throwing a few presets together. It doesn't matter if you need some energetic leads, a bassline that carries some force, a hard-hitting pluck for your drop, a lush pad to add atmosphere to your breaks, and more — this soundbank got you covered with all your Future Bounce needs. Every single preset has been crafted with maximum precision to ensure that you can pop them right into your project without spending hours processing them. With this soundbank, producing a powerful Future Bounce track has never been easier!






Version 1.286

LEAD - I'm Better

LEAD - Work

BASS - Forever

BASS - Lullaby

PLUCK - Mythical

PLUCK - Riot

PAD - Church

PAD - Switch

ARP - Major Key Alert

VOX - I Like Me

SYNTH - Pressure

CHORDS - House Piano

All audio demos are raw 128kbps MP3 renders, and have not been processed or enhanced in any way.


You’re in control. Tweak the presets to your liking without any sound-design skills. Just turn a knob.

Diversity is key. Thanks to macros, you’re getting more than just 100 presets. You don’t like how one preset sounds? Just turn some macros, and you’ll end up with a completely new sound.

Default Preset:
PAD - Burn Away

Macro 1: STEREO

Macro 2: CHIMES


Default Preset:
LEAD - Ikebana

Macro 2: TEXTURE


Macro 4: FADE AWAY

Default Preset:
SYNTH - Nylon

Macro 1: DIGITAL


Macro 3: PHASER

All audio demos are raw 128kbps MP3 renders, and have not been processed or enhanced in any way.

Sample Pack

A sample pack that

packs everything.

In Future Bounce, your drums are just as crucial as your synths. If your drums can't punch through the mix and can't deliver the necessary impact to drive the entire track, your whole production is going to lack energy. That's why we created a sample pack with snappy, punchy, and powerful drums only. Besides the essential drums like kicks, claps, snares, cymbals, etc. — this pack also comes with other important goodies. Do you need help creating smooth transitions? Our sweeps, risers, impacts, drum-fills, and other fx-samples are going to help tremendously. Are your drums lacking some groove and sound stale? Our hi-hat and percussion loops are an easy way of spicing up any drum section. Or do you need some inspiration to start an entire song? Use our guitar and piano instrument loops to get inspired or build a whole new track around.
Most importantly — vocals. Getting vocals is not only tricky, but also expensive. With two full royalty-free vocals, you can take any track to the next level. Vocals can make any production go from good to perfect, make it more memorable, and even radio-friendly. With this sample pack, you get access to that exact opportunity without reaching out to countless vocalists or paying vast amounts of money.



Samples & Loops



Full Vocals



44100Hz – 24Bit

Kick 17 F

Kick 30 G#

Clap 04

Snare 06 D#

Hi-Hat Loop 15 126BPM

Percussion Loop 18 128BPM

Ambience 24 B

Big Snare 03

Guitar Loop 05 Bmin 126BPM

Piano Loop 01 Dmin 126BPM

Snare Roll 08 128BPM

Fill 20 128BPM

All audio demos are raw 128kbps MP3 renders, and have not been processed or enhanced in any way.

Project Files

Explore Future

Bounce in the mix.

The perfect way to get started with a genre is to explore a professional sounding template. We crafted three amazing project files with each one covering a different style of Future Bounce — so that you can get started with the style that fits your production style the most. These are perfect to jump-start your next production but also learn production techniques. Use them to study things like mixing, mastering, sound design, workflow, and even arrangement tips and tricks. Learning how to create a Future Bounce banger has never been easier with the help of Project Files like these.



Project Files


FL Studio

Version 20

Ableton Live

Version 10

Logic Pro X

Version 10.4

Video Demo

Watch the demo video to listen to all project files, samples, and presets in action.


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