Nothing Plugin

A revolutionary FX plugin.

It's a rare moment when a plugin changes the way we make music. But today is that day.


That's correct. This plugin will change the way we make music. Let's find out how.

What does Nothing do?

As the name suggests, this plugin does absolutely nothing. Nothing comes with 4 parameters – Nothing, Nichts, Nada, and Niente. Adjusting these does... nothing!


What can I put Nothing on?

Anything. The master, synths, drums, vocals, a bus-channel, you name it. Since this plugin does exactly nothing, you can put it on anything.

Simple and usable UI.

We designed a simple and minimal user interface for this plugin to ensure it's easy to use and dialing in the right amount of nothing is as straightforward as possible.


0% CPU usage 🤯

This is an absolute shocker... but since this plugin does precisely nothing, it requires no additional processing power from your CPU. It's almost like you put "nothing" on your FX chain.

No presets. Yes, 0 presets.

Since this plugin does simply nothing, every preset would do the same thing... nothing. So we included a preset browser with a massive library of zero presets.


Before and after audio examples.

Still not convinced?
Listen to some before and afters...

Synth Loop 007 - 105BPM Gmin [Before]
Synth Loop 007 - 105BPM Gmin [After]
Synth Loop 024 - 150BPM Gmin [Before]
Synth Loop 024 - 150BPM Gmin [After]
Both synth loops from this demo were taken from our CHROMA EDM Sample Pack.

Amazing, right?

It's incredible how good this plugin is at doing nothing!

You could almost say there is no difference between the before and after.


Get it now. For free.


Stickz Nothing Plugin

€0.00 – FREE
Version 1.0.0

System Requirements

  • x64-compatible CPU (64-bit)
  • VST3-compatible DAW (VST2 is not supported)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Windows 8 or higher
  • Intel or Apple Silicon CPU
  • VST3 or AU-compatible DAW (VST2 is not supported)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • macOS 10.11 or higher