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FX are extremely special elements that every production needs. Even though the listener never really notices them, a mix without any FX will always sound like it's missing something. With this pack, our goal was to create the ultimate FX pack that includes everything you may need and that you can come back to every time. Within this pack, you'll find the essential uplifters and downlifters that ensure that your transitions sound butter smooth as well as tonal ambience loops to fill up your mix and make it feel a lot richer. Additionally, you'll find clap, kick, and sub impacts to introduce energy or release and risers that are incredibly effective in build-ups, as they create tension just like that.



FX Samples & Loops



44100Hz – 24Bit

Tonal Ambience 08 - F

Tonal Ambience 23 - F#min

Vinyl FX 04

High Impact 08

Riser 06 - 90BPM G

Riser 21 - 150BPM C#

Kick Impact 06 - G#

Sub Impact 03 - D

Downlifter 10

Downlifter 24

Uplifter 19

Uplifter 29

All audio demos are raw 128kbps MP3 renders, and have not been processed or enhanced in any way.


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