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Sounds that instantly create a vibe.

If you want to create Chill music, you need sounds that create a vibe and set a mood. It's an incredibly diverse genre as it's influenced by a mixture of modern EDM genres, Hip-Hop, and more. We took inspiration from all sorts of artists like Flume, Major Lazer, San Holo, Seven Lions, and many more when we crafted these Serum presets. Lush pads, sturdy basses, charming plucks, powerful chords are what you get — all for free!

Version 1.304+
BASS - Ancient
BASS - Sun
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PLUCK - Paradise
PLUCK - Demon Bell
LEAD - Brisk
LEAD - Massacre
PAD - Riverside
PAD - Stutter
SYNTH - Flutter
SYNTH - Range
All audio demos are raw 128kbps MP3 renders, and have not been processed or enhanced in any way.

Sample Pack

Drums that hit low and dense.

When we started working on this sample pack, our goal was to match the Serum presets' diversity — and we nailed that goal. If you're going for more of an EDM influenced Chill vibe, we've got you covered with all kinds of snappy and forceful drums. On the other hand, if you have a more relaxed Hip-Hop influenced Chill track in mind, this pack doesn't lack thumpy and dull drums either. These 150 Samples & Loops are simply a must-have and we shouldn't give them away for free... but we do!

Samples & Loops
Kick 06 - D#
Kick 12 - F#
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Snare 02 - D
Snare 03 - D
Clap 07
Clap 13
'808' 01 - C
'808' 03 - C
Fill 05 - 110BPM
Snare Roll 02 - 90BPM
Hi-Hat Loop 06 - 100BPM
Percussion Loop 15 - 110BPM
All audio demos are raw 128kbps MP3 renders, and have not been processed or enhanced in any way.

Project Files

Dive deep into the mix.

Having access to Chill samples and presets already gives you a huge advantage. However, having access to project files in that genre is going to take reverse-engineering to a whole new level. We have crafted four project files inspired by some of our favorite Chill tracks, to allow you to dive into the project files and learn how you can create professional Future Bass tracks yourself.

Project Files
FL Studio
Version 20
Ableton Live
Version 10
Logic Pro X
Version 10.5


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