Freebie Track Competition

Produce a track.
Win new studio gear.

1st Winner
DT-770 Pro
Studio Headphones
(€159 Value)
2nd Winner
Focusrite Scarlett Solo
Audio Interface
(€124 Value)
3rd Winner
Komplete Kontrol M32
MIDI Controller
(€119 Value)

Enter Competition

This is your time to shine.

We have been putting high-quality freebies for a while now and want to see who can create the best track with them. So, using samples, loops, and presets from our free packs, produce an absolute banger and submit it here for a chance to win some new studio gear.

The contest will last 3-weeks, meaning you can submit your track from Oct 8th to Oct 29th. Our top 3 favorite track submissions will be announced here on Nov 1st.

Also, ensure you go over our "quick rules" and the complete rules at the bottom of this page to ensure your produced track is a valid submission.

Best of luck and have fun producing!

Freebie Downloads

Head over to our free downloads page where you can get access to all the freebies we have to offer. All packs on that page can be used for the purposes of this contest.

Download Packs
Submit Your Track

Click the submit button below and fill out the form with your details and a link to your track. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully to get everything right.

Quick Rule List

To get you started quickly, go through our quick list of rules below. However, before you submit your track, make sure you have read and understood our full contest rules at the bottom of this page.

  • Produce an original track and use at least 5 sounds from our free packs. These can be one-shot samples, loops, MIDI files, and presets. Of course, you can feel free to use more sounds, but at least 5 should be used.
  • You don't have to limit yourself to using sounds from just our free packs. We encourage you to use other packs and your own go-to sounds since we don't want to hinder your creativity but instead want you to show us what you got.
  • Some of our free packs contain project files, which may not be used in any shape or form for this contest. We want to see who can produce a banger, not who can edit and adjust a template.
  • Your track submission can't be a remix or bootleg of another song or contain any samples or loops you don't have the right to use. It has to be an original track.
  • All genres are accepted. Be creative. Be you.

Pasts Contests

This isn't the first time.

In the past, we've hosted a lot of giveaways, competitions and have purchased thousands of euros worth of studio gear for our community. Here we have compiled just a few of our past winners receiving their new equipment.



Here's how it works.

Before entering this track competition, you have to read and agree to the following contest rules. We've kept them short and easy to understand, so going over them will be quick and easy.