Vocal Chop Toolkit

The Best Free Vocal Chops.


Vocal Chop Loops

Chops that inspire.

These catchy vocal chops are, without a doubt, ready to take your productions to the next level. We crafted a set of loops for every creative need to ensure they inspire new ideas instantly. So whether you're trying to add the one missing piece to your mix or start a brand new project, these vocal chop loops are simply a must-have – and the best part is – they are completely free!

Vocal Chop Loops
Vocal Chop Loop 03 - 100BPM Dmaj
Vocal Chop Loop 12 - 140BPM Bmin
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Vocal Chop Loop 16 - 150BPM A#min
Vocal Chop Loop 19 - 160BPM Gmaj
Vocal Chop Loop 05 - 100BPM Fmin
Vocal Chop Loop 01 - 90BPM A#min
Legacy Vocal Chop Loop 11 - 128BPM F#maj
Legacy Vocal Chop Loop 21 - 150BPM C#min
Vocal One-Shot 02 - C
Vocal One-Shot 07 - C
Granular Vocal Chops 05 - 150BPM G#min
Granular Vocal Chops 06 - 150BPM Bmin
All audio demos are raw 128kbps MP3 renders, and have not been processed or enhanced in any way.

Vocoded Loops

Set the right mood.

For every new vocal chop loop, we created a vocoded loop. This is an absolute game-changer since it'll give you a whole new perspective on each loop. So if a vocal chop alone doesn't inspire you, checking the vocoded version of that loop surely will. We took it a step further and included the MIDI for every vocoded loop. So if one inspires a new track, you can quickly grab the MIDI file and start building your track. The best part? All the loops are 100% royalty-free!

Vocoded Loops & MIDI
Vocoded Loop 19 - 160BPM Gmaj
Vocoded Loop 02 - 100BPM Dmaj
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Vocoded Loop 05 - 100BPM Fmin
Vocoded Loop 15 - 150BPM Amin
All audio demos are raw 128kbps MP3 renders, and have not been processed or enhanced in any way.

Demo Video

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Companion Pack

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Next Level Vocal Chops.

Bundle our free Vocal Chop Toolkit with VOX, our premium vocal chop library. With 90 of our best vocal chop loops and one-shots, this pack has what it takes to elevate your next track.

Vocal Chop Loop 37 - 150BPM F#min
Vocal One-Shot 18 - C
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Vocoded Loop 21 - 128BPM A#min
Vocoded Loop 10 - 100BPM Bmaj


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