November 24, 2022

The 11 best Black Friday deals for music producers (2022)

It’s that time of the year again – Black Friday is here, and everything is on sale. Here’s why it’s one of the most important events for music producers.


No matter if you’re looking to get some high-quality sample packs, presets, a new synth plugin, a new effect plugin, or upgrade your DAW – as a music producer, you know that these things add up quickly and can cost you quite a bit.

That said, it’s an absolute no-brainer to take advantage of deals whenever possible — and now, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you typically get the best deals. That’s why we went ahead and compiled 11 of the best Black Friday deals we found for 2022!

1. Stickz (Sample Packs & Serum Presets)

Image of the Stickz online-shop with Black Friday sale prices.

Yes, we know, that’s us! However, during Black Friday, you can save 40% on all of our incredible sample packs and high-quality Serum presets. So if you’re looking for some of the best artist-inspired soundbanks, new inspiring presets and loops, or just some fresh sounds to add new flavor to your productions, our packs got you covered!

All Stickz packs →

Discount: 40% OFF Everything
Time: Ends Nov 27th, 2022

2. FabFilter

Image of FabFilter's Pro-Q3 & Pro-L2.

If you’re a producer, FabFilter is a name you’ve probably heard before. Their industry-leading effect plugins are simply some of the best and are recommended by top-tier producers, mixing, and mastering engineers. They rarely put their products on sale, so if you ever wanted to get your hands on that shiny Pro-Q3 EQ or the powerful Pro-L2 limiter, now is the time.

Our favorite & must-have FabFilter plugins:

FabFilter Pro-Q 3 (EQ)

FabFilter Pro-L 2 (Limiter)

FabFilter Pro-C 2 (Compressor)

FabFilter Pro-R (Reverb)

FabFilter Saturn 2 (Multiband distortion)

All FabFilter plugins

Discount: 25% OFF All Plugins
Time: Ends Nov 28th, 2022

3. Image-Line (FL Studio)

Image of FL Studio.

Image-Line has long been the leader in the DAW space, and FL Studio is one of the most popular DAWs around. So if you’ve been looking to upgrade your production suite or just get started in music production, take advantage of the Black Friday deal.

All FL Studio 20 versions →

If you’re already part of the FL Gang, log in to see your upgrade prices.

• $50 OFF FL Studio Producer Edition
• $100 OFF FL Studio All Plugins Edition
• Up to 48% OFF FL Studio Upgrades
Time: Ends Nov 30th, 2022

4. Ableton (Live 11)

Image of Ableton Live.

Like FL Studio, Ableton Live is no stranger in the DAW space. It’s extremely versatile and super popular among some of the biggest music producers. So whether you want to upgrade your version of Live 11 or discover a new DAW, you can get Live at a 20% discount during the current Black Friday sale.

All Live 11 versions →

If you own Live already, log in to see your upgrade prices.

Discount: 20% OFF All Versions & Upgrades
Time: Ends Jan 11th, 2023

5. Soundtoys

Image of Soundtoys' Little Alterboy & Decapitator.

Soundtoys makes some of the best plugins for music production, which is why their effects are legendary and used in countless major releases. So if you’re looking to spice up your sounds and add some depth and power to your productions, don’t miss out on this one!

Our favorite & must-have Soundtoys plugins:

Decapitator (Saturation) [Absolute must!]

Little AlterBoy (Pitch & Formant Shifter)

EchoBoy (Delay)

MicroShift (Stereo-widening)

All Soundtoys Plugins & Bundles

Discount: Up to 80% OFF
Time: Ends Nov 28th, 2022

6. XLN Audio (RC-20)

Image of XLN Audio's RC-20 & DS-10.

XLN Audio is one of the top developers of virtual instruments and sample libraries. Some of their products have become industry standards, so now is a great time to get your hands on some of their products. If you haven’t heard of XLN Audio, you have definitely heard of RC-20, their vintage multi-effect plugin — which, like all other products, is 50% off thanks to the Black Friday sale.

Our favorite & must-have XLN Audio plugins:

RC-20 (Vintage multi-effect) [Absolute must!]

DS-10 (Transient shaper)

XO (Creative sample manager)

All XLN Audio Plugins & Expansions

Discount: 50% OFF Everything
Time: Ends Nov 29th, 2022

7. Cableguys (Shaperbox)

Image of Cybleguys' ShaperBox 3.

Cableguys is a plugin developer that specializes in tools for music production and sound design. Their flagship product Shaperbox is one of the most feature-packed multi-effect plugins out there. A few weeks ago, they just dropped the latest version, called Shaperbox 3, and you can grab it at a 10% discount.

ShaperBox 3 (Multi-effect envelope shaper)

Discount: 10% OFF
Time: Ends Nov 28th, 2022

8. Arturia

Image of Arturia's OP-XA V & JUN-6 V.

Arturia is a leader in the world of software emulation and virtual instruments. The flagship plugins in their famous V Collection give you access to thousands of expansive sounds and presets — all at an incredible 50% discount for Black Friday!

Our favorite & must-have Arturia plugins:

V Collection 9 (Analog Synth Emulations)

FX Collection 3 (Analog FX Emulations)

Pigments 3 (Synth)

Discount: 50% OFF Everything
Time: Ends Dec 6th, 2022

9. Output

Image of Output's Thermal & Portal.

Output makes some of the most innovative plugins for music production. While they have tons of great Kontakt libraries, as well as their subscription-based Arcade plugin, and even production hardware on sale to celebrate Black Friday right now, we can’t recommend their effect plugins enough.

Our favorite & must-have Output plugins:

Portal (Granular FX)

Thermal (Distortion)

All Output Plugins & Expansions

Discount: 35% OFF All Plugins & Expansions
Time: Ends Dec 5th, 2022

10. Spitfire Audio

Image of Spitfires Black Friday sale landing page.

Spitfire Audio is an award-winning company known for its amazing sample libraries. Some of the best composers have used Spitfire Audio samples to score movies and tv shows, so now is a great time to grab some of their fantastic products at a discounted price.

Their libraries are aimed more at film and movie score composers rather than EDM, Hip-Hop, or Pop producers. So if that’s you, don’t miss out on their incredible tools.

All Spitfire Black Friday deals →

Discount: Up to 85% OFF
Time: Ends Nov 28th, 2022

11. Oeksound (soothe2)

Image of oeksound's soothe2 & spiff.

Oeksound is a company that specializes in plugins for sound design and mixing. Their flagship product soothe2 is one of the most popular dynamic equalizers out there, used by top producers and engineers alike. And right now, you can get it at a 20% discount with the Black Friday deal!

soothe2 (Dynamic resonance suppressor)

spiff (Adaptive transient shaper)

Discount: 30% OFF
Time: Ends Nov 28th, 2022

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